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DX de R7DP7130.0 CE7VPQtnx QSOCE 0545Z
DX de VE3BR1823.0 HA6ACQ HA DX test - FB sigHA 0545ZON
DX de UN7NU14159.0 UA9UWADOSAAFUA9 0544Z
DX de RX6B18079.0 BH4TVUCQBY 0544Z
DX de YV5WZ7077.1 RX6DYSpasiba Vlad 73UA 0544Z
DX de PJ2CF28555.0 PJ2SMD-XingPJ2 0544Z
DX de 4F3FSK18075.0 JA4DNCtnx qso ur 599 in DU..73 and fJA 0544Z
DX de K0ZR7014.8 UW1M UR 0543ZVA
DX de VE3BR1817.1 EA1DAVCQ - SWL onlyEA 0543ZON
DX de IZ7MFY7130.0 CE7VPQ CE 0543Z
DX de XE1USG10108.0 E51DWCvia [L]E5/s 0542Z
DX de W3LPL-37046.0 FO5QBRTTY Heard in NVFO 0542ZMD
DX de PB2A3770.5 HG6RLSBHA 0542Z
DX de R9OBO14071.7 R1547Mtnx QSOUA 0542Z
DX de R3KAI3703.0 R75PWO5 OKEAH ua3iiUA 0541Z
DX de JF2TOG-718080.0 YJ0WWfb sigYJ 0541Z
DX de RG3B14022.4 RN9NHADXUA9 0541Z
DX de R2ZM14008.0 UA0CIDtnx QSOUA9 0541Z
DX de LY2JO3678.0 R2DX/3 UA 0540Z
DX de R7DP7083.0 R75PWOtnx QSOUA 0540Z
DX de IW7EGQ7130.0 CE7VPQSA-018 58 tnks JavierCE 0540Z
DX de YV5WZ7077.1 VE3PVthanks Rick JT65VE 0540Z
DX de UN7NU18076.0 RU0SYLcqUA9 0539Z
DX de ZL2IFB7028.3 LY6ATest Good sigLY 0539Z


WWV de AE5E<0300Z> SFI=86,A=11,K=3,No Storms -> No Storms
WWV de AE5E<0000Z> SFI=86,A=11,K=4,No Storms -> No Storms
WWV de W0MU<2100Z> SFI=86,A=10,K=3,No Storms -> No Storms


To ALL de WS9V<1502Z> anyone on from ND for RTTY QSO
To ALL de NF4C<0215Z> anyone rcvd qsl yet from T31T ?

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